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- 상품입고완료, 판매중입니다

2017년 7월 출시, ARB사의 신형 냉장고입니다

모든 기후에 대응하는 놀라운 성능, 4X4의 가혹한 주행조건을 견디는 최고의 품질

ARB는 이제까지도 도메틱, ENGEL외 모든 냉장고들과도 경쟁이 되지 않았습니다

대다수의 유저들에겐, ARB라는 회사가 기타회사들과 비슷한 제품을 만들어내는 회사라고 생각되겠지만

ARB사 제품들의 품질과 내구도는 극한의 조건은 물론이고,

늘 사용자를 배려하는 모든 성능을 추구합니다

크고 무거운 제품이므로 자주 들고 내리는 분들에게는 부적합하며,

슬라이드 설치문의는 낭만제작소의 상담실에 문의바랍니다

ARB's new stainless steel, all-weather fridge freezer. Your favorite fridge just got even better!


Packed with the features an ARB fridge/freezer is renowned for, and re-engineered to survive naked out in the elements, the latest ARB fridge freezer is packed with unique features that not only protect and secure, but also make accessing your food and drinks even easier.


This stainless steel 63QT fridge features an innovative new strut that holds the lid open in any position for way easier access than ever before.


Temperature control, low voltage cut-out, and now security all at the touch of a button. The weatherproof fridge's user friendly touchpad control panel allows full functionality with the lid open, but securely prevents unwanted adjustment or access with its unique user selected locking code.


And, to keep both the contents of the fridge (your beers?) or your fridge itself secure, this new ARB fridge features a unique magnetic lock, activated by the touchpad control panel, preventing unauthorized access or tampering with temperature settings. For additional security, a padlock recess is built into the exterior and an optional bolt down mounting kit makes the fridge a permanent fixture in the back of your 4WD.


The ARB all-weather stainless steel 63QT fridge freezer, ideal for truck bed applications yet suitable anywhere, features:

  • Stainless steel body with ARB embossing
  • Unique infinite-position gas spring assisted lid
  • Durable ASA plastic protective moldings
  • Anodized aluminum latches
  • Heavy duty cast stainless steel hinges
  • Tamper-proof bolts for permanent mounting
  • Security pin code protected electronic locking system
  • Provision for padlock for added security
  • Weather protected control panel
  • Backlit LED display with dimming function
  • Recessed back for power cable storage
  • Easy carry handle design
  • Reversible cabinet basket with removable divider
  • Rubberized mounting feet
  • Wireless display compatible
  • Secop BD35F compressor
  • Built in 3 stage battery protection
  • Drain plug
  • LED rear facing cabinet light with auto on/off
  • Full-length cooling zone with dual height compartments


  • Capacity 63QT / 60L
  • Cooling capacity +60o F to -0o F (+10o C to -18o C)
  • Ambient Operating Temperature +70o F to +109o F (16o C to +43o C)
  • Weight 70lbs (31.8kg)
  • External dimensions H17.1in x W19.3in x D32.3in (H435mm x W490mm x D820mm)
  • Internal dimensions Main Compartment H13.1in x W14.0in x D18.8in (H332mm x W355mm x D477mm)
  • Secondary compartment H5.7in x W14.0in x D6.1in (H144mm x W355mm x D156mm)
  • Power 12/24 DC with 3 stage integrated battery protection system. Built in 100-240 VAC (50-60Hz)
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